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The word jaapi uses 5 total characters with white space

The word jaapi uses 5 total characters with white out space

The word "jaapi" uses 4 unique characters: A I J P

Number of all permutations npr for jaapi 24

Number of all combination ncr for jaapi 24

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4 same character containing word For jaapi

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From Wikipedia

Sarudaya jaapi

The jaapi or japi (Assamese: জাপি) is a traditional conical hat from Assam, India made from tightly woven bamboo and/or cane and tokou paat (Trachycarpus martianus) a large, palm leaf. The word jaapi derives from jaap meaning a bundle of taku leaves.[1] In the past, plain jaapi were used by ordinary Indians for protection from the sun, while ornate jaapi were worn as a status symbol by Assamese royalty and nobility. Decorative sorudaya jaapi are made with intricate cloth designs (primarily red, white, green, blue, and black) that are integrated into the weaving. They have been recorded as far back as the time of Xuanzang's visit to Assam when visitors were welcomed with colorful jaapi.[2]

Today the jaapi is a symbol of Assam. It is worn in a style of Bihu dance, used as protection against the elements, offered as a sign of respect in ceremonies, and placed as a decorative item around the house, especially near the front door as a welcome sign.

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