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The word jaak uses 4 total characters with white space

The word jaak uses 4 total characters with white out space

The word "jaak" uses 3 unique characters: A J K

Number of all permutations npr for jaak 6

Number of all combination ncr for jaak 6

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3 same character containing word For jaak

4 same character containing word For jaak

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From Wikipedia

Region of originEstonia
Other names
Related namesJaagup, Jaakob, Jako, Jakob

Jaak is a version of the names Jacob and James in Estonian language.

People named Jaak include:

  • Jaak Aab (born 1960), Estonian politician
  • Jaak Aaviksoo (born 1954), Estonian politician and physicists
  • Jaak De Boever (born 1937), Belgian racing cyclist
  • Jaak Boon (born 1948), Belgian television writer, director and producer
  • Jaak Gabriëls (born 1943), Belgian politician
  • Jaak Huimerind (born 1957), Estonian architect
  • Jaak Joala (1950–2014), Estonian singer
  • Jaak Jõerüüt (born 1947), Estonian writer and politician
  • Jaak Juske (born 1976), Estonian politician
  • Jaak-Nicolaas Lemmens (1823–1881), Belgian organist and composer
  • Jaak Lipso (born 1940), Estonian basketball player
  • Jaak Madison (born 1991), Estonian politician
  • Jaak Mae (born 1972), Estonian cross-country skier
  • Jaak Panksepp (born 1943), Estonian-American psychologist, psychobiologist and neuroscientist
  • Jaak Põldma (born 1988), Estonian tennis player
  • Jaak Salumets (born 1949), Estonian basketball player and coach
  • Jaak Tamm (1950–1999), Estonian politician and businessman
  • Jaak Urmet, better known as Wimberg (born 1979), Estonian poet and writer
  • Jaak Uudmäe (born 1954), Estonian triple jumper
  • Jaak van Velthoven, Belgian motocross rider
  • Jaak van Wijck (1870–1946), Dutch painter